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We are working to add all the resources (videos, practitioners’ profile, reading materials…) from the Festival 2021 to the website. You will have access to all those interesting things soon. Watch this space!


Benow Festival 2021

Benow is a Cornish adjective that means ‘female/feminine’. We have chosen this word to name the festival and the project because we like the idea of celebrating and nurturing everybody’s feminine side, regardless of the gender they identify as.

By chance, the word Benow is also a pun and can be read as Be-Now: a mindful invitation to fully focus on and live the present moment, an opportunity to be the best version of yourself in the here and now.

Benow is a festival of events, ideas, art, community and activism to explore and celebrate the culture of women. All welcome. We believe in the importance of conversations and connections, as a mean to promote change and improve people’s life.

Benow is also this digital hub for creative exchange, in which the culture of women is shared, co-curated and co-created. It is a community in which each person can find their voice. Where dialogues and conversations are the starting point for a shift in paradigm. A common ground to recognise and accept complexity, nurturing and developing resilience and a conscious approach to our own wellbeing.

Benow Festival 2021 focuses on the idea of VULNERABILITY. Each event and conversation offer an opportunity to creatively reflect on our own vulnerability, accepting and celebrating it as an unmissable chance for growth. Recognising and learning vulnerability is the starting point for new connections with others and within ourselves.

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Benow 2021 is on it’s way! Thank you for your patience while we reorganise the website and prepare the programme.


Benow Festival 2020

We are preparing for the follow up to last years Women of the World festival. We have named the festival Benow and are putting together a program for this year.

Benow = female (adjective)

Cornish language

Our theme for 2020 is Gender Equality. Please register your interest if you have ideas for inspiring talks or workshops.


Thank you

The Women of the World Festival in Falmouth was an opportunity to celebrate and nurture the achievements and wellbeing of women and girls through events, creative sessions and workshops. We wanted to offer opportunities to actively reflect on health and wellbeing. We wanted to support people in recognizing and honouring womanhood in all its facets, as well as the encouragement of women communicating amongst each other as a community, cultivating creativity, as an alternative tool to inspire and convey messages.

The programme developed across 4 days, with 18 events, more than 20 artists and professionals involved and nearly 400 people actively taking part in the sessions.

We would like this site (and the Festival) to become a hub, a space to share and create today’s culture of what it means to be a woman, while also debating and discussing what improvements we need to make to achieve gender equality and how to use arts and creativity to do so.

I attended several events during the Festival. I found all of them quite inspirational and empowering. Fantastic workshop, thank you!

Thank you for the space and inspiration, reminder that I matter enough to take care of myself

Loved every minute. Inspirational and full of love. Incredible way to spend the weekend.

I enjoyed the feeling of connection created in a short space of time

Amazing being with women and deep sharing. Feeling heard, feeling understood. Not feeling alone anymore.

I was so pleased to be a part of it all and really enjoyed making new connections and listening to people’s stories. Wasn’t there a lot of positive energy in the building?!

I am certain that in doing this festival you brought a great deal of richness to many women this weekend.