BIRTH STORY: positive and conscious birth screening and talk Sun 10 March 7pm Falmouth Library

Birth Film Night presenting Birth Story: Ina May Gaskin and The Farm Midwives.

An inspiring film documenting the journey and experience of providing authentic midwifery within a community in the 1970’s.  Demonstrating that birth works when women are nurtured and supported and true midwifery skills thrive.

Following the film will be an open Q & A, considering the future of birth in our society and whether we should look at The Farm as an inspiration for change or a time now relegated to the past, heralding a new vision of midwifery and birth.

Hosted by Evony Lynch and Mandy Bellenger from Artemis Birth School. Practicing independent midwives in Cornwall, and passionate about reclaiming the art of midwifery through workshops.

FREE but booking essential:


Public round-table discussion on women’s creativity, gender equality and women’s rights Sun 10 March 4.30pm Falmouth Art Gallery

Join us for a round-table discussionon on women’s creativity, gender equality and women rights.

Several guest speakers will discuss the connection between creativity (in all its forms), women rights and opportunities, gender equality and the re-invention of both femininity and masculinity in our time.

Audience will have the chance to take part in the debate with questions.

Free, but booking essential.

Authenticity V Perfectionism talk with Anna Lampriere Sun 10 March 2.30pm Falmouth Art Gallery

Women often struggle, torn between need for authenticity and the obsession with perfectionist.The pressure from Society is very powerful and as women we need to free ourselves form it.

Join us for a talk with Anna Lampriere about this interesting topic. Anna will lead us in a deep refelction of how to find the right balance between authenticity and perfectionsm.

Free but booking essential.



Up-cycled Jewellery/wearable art workshop with Lynne Speake Sun 10 March 2pm Falmouth Art Gallery


Up-cycled jewellery workshop: your chance to make something fabulous from a sparkly stash of found and gifted beads (NB. the only beads bought were from charity shops)
Suitable for all abilities, no previous experience is needed – just a willingness to chill out, have fun and make something totally unique !!
All materials are provided and if you have your own precious treasures then please feel free to bring them along to turn them into something amazing.
Amongst other things you will learn to use stringing and crimping techniques (with jewellery findings and wire).
WARNING !!!! – participation in this workshop may lead to a life-long obsession with scouring charity shops for beautiful things to turn into wearable art so we accept no responsibility if this happens or you change your shopping habits accordingly – also a great way to make totally unique presents for friends and family (although you will probably decide to keep everything you make)

A celebration Day for Girls workshop with Victoria Dufour – Sun 10 March 11.30am Falmouth Library

Nature & Me presents: A celebration Day for Girls workshop, a mini session on Menstrual Cycle Awareness for tweens (10-12 year olds)

During this workshop the girls will be discovering how menarche (a girls’ first bleed) is celebrated in other cultures and the importance of asking questions through storytelling.

Free but booking essential

Drawing inspiring women with words: letter stamps portrait workshop with Eve Bourrat Sun 10 March 11am Falmouth Art Gallery

Creative session drawing inspiring women with words.

Be inspired by other women (famous or close to you), make up a word or two that reflect the characteristic you love of them and make her portrait or draw her whole figure only using the letter stamps.

Let your creativity run free, using colour inks and cut out letter from magazines and books.

All tools, materials and tutorial provided. No previous artistic skills required.

FREE but booking essential.



Creative self-care workshop: the moon and the darkness Sun 10 March 10.30am Falmouth Art Gallery

Be inspired by our Nocturne exhibition and create your very own deck of INTUITION CARDS. As women we are often desperately trying to fit in, but we need to recognise, accept and embrace the complexity and multitude of facets of our personality.  This workshop is a discovery journey through creative experimentation, an opportunity to reflect upon and highlight personal strengths and weaknesses, trying to find balance between our inner energies. Working with and through metaphors, imageries and creative media, we will explore lights and shadows of our being.

Free but booking essential


‘Life, Happiness and Everything’ talk: a night with bestselling author Isabel Losada Sat 9 March 7.30pm Falmouth Library

Life, Happiness and Everything.

Bestselling author of ‘The Battersea Park Road to Enlightenment’ (& 6 other books) will entertain us by condensing everything she has learnt in 20 years of exploration in human potential into one evening.

In mixture of stand up comedy, inspirational & motivational talk, vulnerable confessional storytelling and entertaining, anonymous audience ‘Question & Answer’ – Isabel always offers a first class evening out.

Subjects Isabel may include are personal growth, meditation, activism, leadership, forgiveness, comfort zones, relationships, creativity, writing, spirituality (all sorts), Tibetan Buddhism, politics, environmentalism and sex and love. In no particular order.

‘You certainly know how to entertain an audience. You’re an excellent speaker.’ Rosie Boycott on Sensation at The Hay International Book Festival (2018)

Isabel Losada gave a bravura performance at her sold out event. Everyone was spellbound and we definitely we all learned a lot too. I think what you are doing is very important and so worthwhile. Judy Piatkus – Director of ‘Conscious Café – London (2018)

Thank you so much for ‘Life, Happiness and Everything.’ It was a fantastically entertaining, inspiring and educational evening! We had a fantastic feedback from all the clients that attended the event and we want to invite you back as soon as possible. Kennedy’s Law Firm Events. (2018)

She is the one of the best speakers, the most entertaining and the most passionate we’ve ever had. Please come back soon.’ No Alibis – Belfast (May 2018)

Isabel is a magnetic and hilarious speaker. Her books have such a range that her events appeal to a wide demographic : old, young, self-help buyers, anyone on a quest (aren’t we all?). We have hosted Isabel three times in a year simply because she fills events and sells books. Much of this is down to her humour and performance skills (she is an ex-actress), and the interactive style of her talks . Martin Latham – Events Manager – Waterstones Bookshop, Canterbury

FREE but booking essential 

Portraiture workshop with Debbie Udy O’Nyon Sat 9 March 3.30pm Falmouth Library


Always wanted to draw, love to learn some simple secrets to enable you to capture people? Come along to a relaxed fun session.

The session will be about 1 hr 30 mins. You need to be willing to get messy hands. We will be using charcoal and paper and no previous experience required.

Free but booking essential

Three Videos by Minko – Saturday 9th March 3pm and 6pm Research Room

Film maker, singer songwriter and producer Minko unveils three videos in the lead up to debut her album release ‘Lemon Psyche’ in May.

Like many women around the world, in response to this tradition of men dominating the studio space, she set up her own studio in her bedroom and got to work, teaching herself all aspects of recording, mixing and producing. In these three videos she explores various aspects of human relationships, our relationship to loss, our relationship to the sea both within and without and our relationship to change.




Yarn bombing/craftivism event with Sarah Perry Sat 9 March 3pm Falmouth Library


Join us for a yarn bombing/craftivism session, knittiing bunting.

All resources, materials and tutorial provided. Not previous knitting experience required.

FREE but booking essential.

A Celebration Day for Girls workshop with Victoria Dufour – Sat 9 March 2.30pm Falmouth Library


Nature & Me presents: A celebration Day for Girls workshop, a mini session on Menstrual Cycle Awareness for tweens (10-12 year olds)

During this workshop the girls will be discovering how menarche (a girls’ first bleed) is celebrated in other cultures and the importance of asking questions through storytelling.

Free but booking essential

Needle Felt workshop Sat 9 March 2pm Falmouth Library

Join us for a needle felt taster session.
All tools, materials and tutorial provided. No previous experience required.
FREE but booking essential. Age 14+

For booking:

Ayurveda and Yoga for Women with Lucinda Pimlott Sat 9 March 11.30am Falmouth Art Gallery (Chamber)

A brief overview of how the ancient practices of Yoga and Ayurveda can help to bring balance and wellbeing through all phases of life. The session will include:
– an introduction to Ayurveda
– the 3 phases of the life cycle of womanhood
– the 3 phases of the menstrual cycle
– gentle breathing and stretching to help balance hormones
– an explanation of how Yoga can help us stay healthy through the different phases of life
– recommendations for reading and home practice
– some pranayama practice

Free but limited spaces. Booking essential

Gender equality inspired story telling Sat 9 March 11am Falmouth Library


Gender equality inspired story telling for kids: because stories are not for boys or for girls, but they are just stories and they help us understand things about the world and life.

Sacred Yoni – the power of the female pelvic bowl with Sacred Yoni Cornwall Sat 9 March 10am Falmouth Art Gallery (Chamber)

This workshop is aimed at anyone over the age of 18 who has, or has once had, a uterus. Many women experience pain, discomfort, shame or dis-ease in their pelvic bowl. Bringing presence to the pelvic bowl is the first step towards relieving these symptoms. Participants will learn how to connect with their pelvic bowl and navigate their anatomy. We will explore how it feels to bring presence to the pelvic bowl. We will learn the importance of pelvic self-care as well as some simple self-care techniques. This is an intimate space for women to connect with one another and talk about their sexuality and their anatomy in a safe, held and non-judgemental space.

Free but booking essential

Hear My Voice – Celebrating the Suffrage Movement Performance Fri 8 March 7.30pm Falmouth Library

With a mix of movement and storytelling, this performance by Shallal Dance accompanies the audience in a discovery journey of voices of women during the Suffrage Movement.

Free but booking essential

Women Cycle Awareness Talk with Mandy Adams Fri 8 March 5.30pm Falmouth Library


The information that I share here is every woman’s heritage, it is our birthright and what would have been passed down, revered and celebrated from mother to daughter in our distant ancestry.

We are aware that women’s bodies and in-particular our fertily cycle has been shamed, held as taboo and despised around the world as a curse, considered dirty and at best hidden, forgotten and little spoken about.

My invitation with deepening into our own individual menstruality is to open to the potential that our cyclical nature holds vast opportunities for us to take charge of our energy levels and therefore to gain greater confidence and understanding into ourselves as women.

Cycle awareness is the act of following the energetic dynamic of the menstrual cycle or moon cycle if no longer menstruating. It is the potential to practice ‘inner yoga’ and can be considered as a female mindfulness practice.

Free but booking essential

Women’s Well-being Workshop – finding balance for busy lives Thu 7 March 7pm Falmouth Library

Join us (Niamh, Kate and Emmylou) for a FREE wellbeing workshop where we will explore and discuss practical and simple ideas to help you find balance in a busy life. We can all relate to a never ending to do list, long working hours, lots of responsibilities and commitments – where and how does self care fit into a busy schedule.

We will be discussing all areas of wellbeing including nutrition, sleep, stress levels, emotional support and lifestyle, looking at how to make space and time for you and how we can look after our wellbeing with more ease and on a more regular basis. Self care for everyday!

FREE but booking essential


Philosophy for Community, gender equality inspired session Thu 7 March 6.30pm Falmouth Art Gallery

An evening of art and philosophical enquiry. Join us and explore the philosophical enquiry process starting from art pieces form our collection and current exhibition.
Limited spaces. Booking essential