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  • Bookings now live
    Tickets for Benow 2023 events are now available to book on Eventbrite.
  • Benow 2023
    We are delighted to announce that Benow will be returning this year! Events, discussions, creative workshops and more will be taking place on March 4th – 8th. More information coming… Read more: Benow 2023
  • BENOW Festival 2022
    We are sorry to announce that BENOW FESTIVAL won’t take place this year. We have limited resources and we are working on special projects to promote conversations on topics we… Read more: BENOW Festival 2022

Benow ?

Benow is a Cornish adjective that means ‘female/feminine’. We have chosen this word to name the festival and the project because we like the idea of celebrating and nurturing everybody’s feminine side, regardless of the gender they identify as.

By chance, the word Benow is also a pun and can be read as Be-Now: a mindful invitation to fully focus on and live the present moment, an opportunity to be the best version of yourself in the here and now.

Benow is a festival of events, ideas, art, community and activism to explore and celebrate the culture of women. All welcome. We believe in the importance of conversations and connections, as a mean to promote change and improve people’s life.

Benow is also this digital hub for creative exchange, in which the culture of women is shared, co-curated and co-created. It is a community in which each person can find their voice. Where dialogues and conversations are the starting point for a shift in paradigm. A common ground to recognise and accept complexity, nurturing and developing resilience and a conscious approach to our own wellbeing.