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Welcome to Benow Hub! Here you will find resources for a range of themes that will inspire and start conversation.

Latest News

  • Benow Festival 2021
    Benow is a Cornish adjective that means ‘female/feminine’. We have chosen this word to […]
  • Coming Soon!
    Benow 2021 is on it’s way! Thank you for your patience while we reorganise […]

Women & Environment

  • Ecofeminism
    The discussion around women and the environment has always been prevalent, and nowhere is it more significant than […]
  • Environment: Introduction
    Women have always been closely linked to the environment, aptly named ‘Mother Nature’, and we see this reflected […]

Women & Wellbeing

  • Wellbeing: Introduction
    Women’s wellbeing has often been disregarded and erased, stemming from a patriarchal society in which so many aspects […]

Women & Parenting

  • Parenting: Introduction
    From sisterhood to motherhood, women’s positions within the family have always been caring, nurturing, and loving, and this […]

Women & Creativity

Women & The Workplace

  • Workplace: Introduction
    Arguably, gender bias is never more pervasive than in the workplace. Women are constantly subjected to prejudice, discrimination, […]

Women & Rights

  • Rights: Introduction
    Historically, one of the biggest reasons for activism has always been women’s rights. Ranging from the protofeminist works […]