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Benow 2021

After a very challenging year in which we had to learn to live in the emergency of a world pandemic, isolation and social restrictions, the Benow Team has decided that there was the need, even more than before, for connections, dialogues, conversations as means to promote change and improve people’s life.

The third lockdown meant that the festival could only happen online. Despite the great challenges posed by the situation, a rich and exciting whole-month-long programme of online events and projects was developed, seeing the participation not only by the local community, but reaching a much wider audience from all over the world!

Benow Festival 2021 focused on the idea of VULNERABILITY. Each event and conversation offered an opportunity to creatively reflect on our own vulnerability, accepting and celebrating it as an unmissable chance for growth. Recognising and learning vulnerability is the starting point for new connections with others and within ourselves.

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