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Menstrual Cycle Awareness in the workplace – pilot project

The world pandemic has highlighted the urgent need for a shift in paradigm in terms of how we approach work and how we prioritise wellbeing in the workplace. It has shown that finding and negotiating alternative ways to work is not only possible, but necessary.

Flexibility, adaptability, and resilience are key factors in contemporary work practices and for a successful work-life balance.

Individuals’ satisfaction and wellbeing in all its facets must be a priority in Employers’ agenda, as well as gender equality, diversity, and inclusion. 

Work with your cycle aims to raise awareness and enhance the creation of a supportive work environment that promotes an open, respectful, and honest dialogue that ensures staff are comfortable in having conversations about menstruality and the menstrual cycle. The notion that women are in somehow less competent when menstruating has dominated the workplace for centuries, but it is nothing more than a sexist trope that has been used through the ages to argue women are not fit to occupy positions of power.

Work with Your Cycle reframes natural cycles as a strength and a resource instead of a medical issue. The focus is on menstrual literacy as a way for people to become more aware, resilient, creative, and happy at work and in life in general. Menstrual Cycle Awareness (MCA) is a stress-reduction strategy, a self-care practice, as well as a tool to channel and capitalise the different types of energies that characterise different parts of the cycle. Ignoring personal and biological needs and cycles can be very detrimental for people’s wellbeing and, consequently, for productivity and the success of the organisation they work for. People who are more aware of their cycle and work accordingly are still expected to deliver on their job commitments but are trusted to organise their time appropriately.

The project is not only for women. It is a conversation in which men must also be involved. A chance for them to reflect on their cycles (e.g. circadian) and become more self-aware too. It is an unmissable opportunity for the organisations to value their employees’ wellbeing, strengths and satisfaction at work, supporting them with dignity and respect, through the creation of a MCA strategy, as well as cycle aware policies and guidance.

If you would like to join the conversation, have support in tracking your cycle, involve your workplace in the project or any other information related to Menstrual Cycle Awareness in the workplace, contact us through the comment area below or write an email to

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