MISSION: Our aim is to support and empower women* (*people who recognised themselves as women) in understanding and nurturing their feminine energy. Through this process, we want to create positive social change and promote gender equality


  • Offer opportunities for women* to reflect on aspects of their FEMININITY, exploring SELF-CARE, personal WELLBEING, and GROWTH
  • Base each and every action on RESPECT
  • Recognise VULNERABILITY as an important part of our life. Embrace it as a strength
  • Develop RESILIENCE through self-awareness and self-compassion
  • Ignite CONVERSATIONS on any topic related to being a woman*, engaging with as many people as possible, giving voice to people who might not normally have the chance to express themselves freely
  • Safeguard, promote and nurture different views as unmissable opportunities for exchange and mutual enrichment
  • Work with local (and beyond) organisations, practitioners and groups offering opportunities for partnerships, networking, and mutual empowerment
  • Recognise GENDER EQUALITY as the only possible way for social justice
  • Recognise COMPLEXITY and DYNAMISM of the contemporary world (recognising the right to change and modify views and needs according to the changes in the social and cultural landscapes)