Joyfal Project : Postcard Making – Drop in Workshop


Falmouth Library Foyer



We will create a collection of personalised postcards for the International Women’s Day Festival at the Library, giving people the opportunity to write and send in our bright yellow Joyfal postbox. We would love to have a space where we invite people to share what they are joyful for. We will do this by having activity sheets to encourage visitors to draw or write their thoughts. We would also like to create a range of bookmarks which would be slotted into the library’s books, to encourage readers to leave small positive messages behind for the next reader.

Hello! We are Joyfal, an initiative with the simple aim to spread joy around Falmouth (and beyond!) while promoting handcrafted activities.

Why? Making others smile is proven to boost your own happiness and studies show that happier people have a greater tendency to give, meaning even the smallest action can spark a chain of positivity. Kindness is contagious, spreading from one person to the next, influencing the behaviour of people who never saw the original act. We believe the little things can make the biggest difference – it only takes a moment to brighten someone’s day!

In a world where we spend so much of our time online, it’s the tangible things that have the greatest impact. That’s why we believe handmade crafts and personalised messages are the perfect way to make people smile.

Feminist Screenprinting – Drop in Workshop


Library Foyer


Join us in screenprinting some feminist T-shirts.

Please bring your own plain shirt

A 2 Hour Introduction to Compassionate Communication – Interactive Talk Based on non-violent communication, a language and process developed by Marshall Rosenberg Phd.



Falmouth Library

Tickets are FREE, booking is essential. Book at


How do you speak to yourself? Does this affect how you speak to others?

Is it with kindness and understanding, or is it harsh and critical?

Uncover how and where these thoughts originate, and learn to listen and be present and compassionate with yourself, to treat YOU as you would your best friend.


Expressing yourself and listening to others in this way is then more likely to encourage a deeper understanding between you and those who matter to you.

With time and practice it can also increase self-esteem and confidence.


My name is Vicky Peirce and I am a Certified Trainer with the Centre for Nonviolent Communication, with 20 years experience of sharing this unique and powerful process. I am a mother of 4 grown up ‘children’, step-mother to 3, and grandmother to 7 ranging from 20 to 2 years of age. I live in Porthleven with my husband and one of my ‘children’.

07815 447479

Gender Equality Story Telling – Story Telling for Kids


Falmouth Library

Tickets are FREE, book online at

A Children’s storytelling session focusing on Gender Equality

Relax, Release and Reiki


Falmouth Library

Tickets are FREE, booking is essential. Book online at

We will explore how to let go of negative chatter, anxious feelings and release any tension or stress. The simple techniques we will use promote feelings of calm, confidence, resilience and self-acceptance.

We will end the session with some group Reiki, so bring a blanket and give yourself the time to deeply relax.

I am a wellbeing coach, with a focus on emotional wellbeing. My coaching looks at current patterns of thinking and behaving. I use CBT and NLP based techniques to make transformational shifts in mindset, release limiting thoughts, feelings and emotions and invite more empowering ways of thinking. I often use Reiki as a way to relax the body and mind and open up to the possibility of change.

Jill Wright

Wellbeing Coach

T: +44 77 403 67 561

Shallal Sketchbooks Express Yourself – Creative Workshop at Falmouth Library

Drop in Session – No Booking Required


Falmouth Library


Shallal sketchbooks will be running a drop in workshop in the library as well as exhibiting completed sketchbooks in the gallery. The workshop aims to give guidance on how to begin a sketchbook. Explore different methods of how to express yourself and look at what can ignite your imagination and inspire you to make a mark.

The sketchbook has proved to be an extremely popular and easy to access creative expression practice which allows people to explore their creativity. Express yourself and experiment with drawing, painting, photography, collage, mixed media, poetry or write. The real beauty to “Shallal Sketchbooks” is that are no rules. You simply start by making a mark in any way you feel comfortable.

Come and find out how to get started and join in with “Shallal Sketchbooks”. Be part of a creative community which enables people to express and enjoy themselves through accessible inclusive creative practices.

To find out more about Shallal Sketchbooks please visit :

Gender Equality badge making – Drop in Workshop


Library Foyer



Make your own badges using our badge making machine!

All materials will be provided.

Retreating At Menstruation – Interactive Talk



Falmouth Library

Tickets are FREE, booking is essential. Book at

Menstruality is a woman’s inner Intelligence or organising principle leading her Home, to herSelf. It is a path that unfolds from menarche to menopause and into her post‐menopause life.

A woman’s awareness of her cycle and restoring the ecology of that cycle is healing and therefore medicine. It connects a woman to herSelf, her needs, reduces stress and puts a woman in the driving seat of her life. It builds inner kindness and self esteem, all of which naturally eases tension/stress and creates natural soothing. Cycle awareness is leading a woman home to her inner Self, it supports the unfolding of her Calling.

There is a built‐in imperative to the menstrual cycle that is endeavouring to deliver you ‘home’ to yourself and to your calling ‐ each menstrual month this imperative is trying to express or work itself out. And when this process is blocked or thwarted in anyway (personal, professional life, cultural pressures etc) it can cause a jolt or shock to the system.

Repeated shocks combined with an unconsciousness of the process causes what is now known as Menstrual Trauma ‐ a kind of trauma to the soul or Self of a woman. Much menstrual suffering can be seen as an expression of this trauma.

The emphasis of this talk and collaborative circle is on helping women to see their cycle as on their side, their Self in action, leading them back Home and to experience their challenges as part of this imperative. Retreating at menstruation to deeply rest can become a radical act of self-care providing a way to deeply listen to what is really going on in a woman’s life. Men are warmly welcomed into this circle. I believe that together we can shift the collective amnesia around the power of the cycle expressing itself through women’s bodies. Supporting women’s mental health from the inside out.

Mandy Adams has worked within the field of women’s health in one way or another her entire life and is currently working as a Menstruality Mentor offering Online Mentoring and Rites of Passage as well as Women’s Workshops, Pregnancy Yoga classes and Well Woman Yoga classes. She is also founder of Red Tent Cornwall and is frequently asked to bring her grounded voice both as a speaker and a writer.

She has a background in education and holds a BA (Hons) in Steiner (Waldorf) Education and specialist diplomas in Counseling, Shadow Work Facilitation, Yoga Teacher Training and Advanced Aromatherapy. Having spent much of her working life in Asia she now lives back in Cornwall with her husband and three young sons in the small town in which she was born. Mandy is deeply passionate about championing the three major hormonal changes in a woman’s life – menarche, mothering and menopause – as rites of passage offering opportunities to directly awaken to a woman’s relationship with the Earth, her inner Self and her unique calling within her community.

You can find out more about Mandy’s work on her website

Or visit her community page on Facebook at

Or watch her speaking to the BBC about the importance of retreating at menstruation here: