Dhakini Dance: an empowering sensual movement workshop for women


Falmouth Art Gallery

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A sacred erotic dance class with Shilly Nakedmoon. Embody your inner goddess and have fun learning sensual moves that make you feel empowered! Shilly blends her background in Tribal Fusion Belly Dance, Burlesque, Erotic striptease and Shamanic Conscious Dance to bring you an opportunity to embrace your divine feminine essence through dance. She teaches Belly Dance and Sacred Erotic Dance classes in Cornwall. https://www.facebook.com/DhakiniDance

Gender Equality in Creative Sectors – Round Table Discussion


Falmouth Library

Tickets are FREE, booking is essential. Book online at https://www.eventbrite.co.uk/e/gender-equality-in-creative-sectors-round-table-discussion-tickets-94605889763

Conversation talk about under-represented women in some artistic and craft sectors. With Amy Goodwin, Matt Ashdown and Amy Laurence.

Despite the feminist movements and the battle for the recognition of the same rights for both men and women, gender equality is still a utopia. Women are far from being fully present and recognised in all sectors. Join us for a round table discussion about the under representation of women in some creative ambits.

Our guest speakers are:

Amy Goodwin: A traditional signwriter and fairground artist, Amy’s work is heavily influenced from growing up travelling steam fairgrounds in the West Country – the elaborate and visual typography, flamboyant colours and meticulous lines – are reflected in the signs she creates, both to commission and for exhibitions. Alongside working to commission, Amy’s practice-led PhD re-establishes identities of fairground females through the construction of a series of illustrated spaces. These spaces use signwriting to illustratively tell stories of the females’ lives. This study is underpinned by extensive research undertaken with the National Fairground and Circus Archive (NFCA).

Matt Ashdown: Founder of the Moogie Wonderland project. For 12 years it has been putting on highly participatory artist-run happenings and workshops in basements, gardens and ships. These events provide environments for people to explore art and music, while meeting others. The vision: Anyone can illuminate their world by discovering their own brilliance. The mission: To enable anyone to make personal and creative breakthroughs that can shape their lives and the world around them by providing environments for artistic exploration. In this frame, Matt developed a particular sensitivity to gender equality and a commitment in involving and inspiring girls to make experimental music.

Cora Stocker: A fine art graduate and skateboard coach living in Falmouth. She works with the Skateboarding NGO SkatePal and has exhibited photography in response to her time in Palestine. Studio holder at the fish factory in Penryn, she is involved in organising, promoting and participating in a wide cross section of cultural activities usually with a grassroots, community ethic at their core focusing especially on Female participation.

Amy Lawrence: A maker of costume and props for film, tv and theatre projects, working with a variety of materials and media. She has been involved in Repair Café movement, both in Edinburgh and here in Falmouth. leatherwork, woodwork, metalwork and weaving. She is also a performance artist and experimental musician. She records and mix her own music and she has run an experimental music festival in Penryn and run a women’s music group where people can improvise and play with sound and also meet other female musicians and sound artists.

Karen Pirie of Cornwall Woman chairs the discussion. Karen is an audio producer and trainer who has made hundreds of programmes for BBC Radio 4 and the BBC World Service. She also makes podcasts including Cornwall Woman and a number of others for Cornish museums and cultural centres. https://cornwallwoman.podbean.com/

CANCELLED: Community and the Illusion of Separation with Anna Lempriere – Talk

This event has been cancelled. Apologies for any inconvenience.

Peaceful Parenting in a Burning World – Workshop


Falmouth Art Gallery

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To build the resilience and compassion we need to parent calmly in a world on fire, we need to take time out to breathe, connect, and nourish ourselves.

Parenthood can be wonderful. It can also be lonely, exhausting and overwhelming. Even more so when we’re feeling anxious about the state of the wider world. Feeling overwhelmed isn’t a sign that we’re not doing enough – its our internal cue to pause.

It’s also a vital reminder to look after ourselves – even and especially when that feels impossible. Tending to our own needs is vital for our own growth. It gives us the strength we need to tend to those we love – and to the planet.

In this workshop, you’ll explore simple tools to use in the face of overwhelm:

• mindfulness practices

• self compassion practices

• deepening your connection to nature

• taking imperfect action

You’ll identify one achievable change that you can make to your daily routine to increase your capacity to parent with greater peace and confidence. Boosting your ability to enact change within yourself – and thus, in the world around you.

Pippa Best is the founder of Sea Soul Blessings, creating simple transformative tools that combine mindfulness, self compassion and nature – and investing directly in environmental projects. Since 2011, Pippa has run Story of Mum, a social enterprise that supports mothers via coaching, workshops and retreats. For over 20 years, she has also worked as a film script editor. Three apparently diverse passions, but all connected by her deep faith in our capacity to rewrite the unhelpful stories we tell ourselves – so that we can live with greater purpose, confidence and joy.

Sea Soul Blessings: http://www.seasoulblessings.com/

Story of Mum: http://www.storyofmum.com/

Letters to Wonderful Women – Writing Workshop


Falmouth Art Gallery – Council Chamber

Tickets are FREE, booking is essential. Book online at ://www.eventbrite.co.uk/e/letters-to-wonderful-women-writing-workshop-tickets-94600078381

Join Emily for a creative writing workshop where we’ll practice letter writing “To Women…” Using inspiration from famous female figures as well as the exceptional women who are around us everyday, we’ll put pen to paper to express our gratitude, frustrations, hopes and fears. The workshop is open to adults of all genders and we’ll reflect on our writing experiences through positive discussions between creative exercises.

Emily Wheeler is a wellbeing writer and workshop leader based in Falmouth. She runs Writing for Wellbeing and Creative Journaling workshops in the area, details of which can be found at

www.emilywheelerwriting.com (@Emily_wheeler_writing )